Youth Make Change At HC

Youth Make Change At HC

The Sandwell Steelers Youth programme is today announcing the promotion of Anthony Green to the role Head Coach.


With increasing commitments, previous Head Coach, James Astley, has had to step down, but will still remain with the Youth programme in some capacity.


We would like to thank James for his role in stabilising the Youth programme, and for the attitude James has employed to help mould future Midlands ballers.


The Youth pre-season has begun and the team are on the lookout for new players. No experience is required, just the correct attitude to learn and have fun.

Many of the current Youth players, can’t stress enough how brilliant becoming a Steeler is. After the tiresome week they have at school, to have a creative/sporting outlet of a weekend only aids in their progression as individuals.


With the Youth programme’s coaching staff boasting a wealth of talent and experience, there is no doubt that they are in good hands.


New Head Coach, Anthony Green, said: “I’m really grateful the committee and my fellow Youth coaches chose me as the  replacement for James.


“James has done an outstanding job last season, but now it’s time to really take this team to the next level! Whilst I want the kids to have as much fun as possible, we really have a blueprint to become successful, and it’s all about setting the team on the right path to success”.

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