Transfer Alert | Raging ‘Bull’ Transfers From Local Rivals

Transfer Alert | Raging ‘Bull’ Transfers From Local Rivals

After two scintillating taster sessions and a great recruitment drive in January, the Sandwell Steelers are happy to announce the recruitment of deadly defensive back Gareth Thomas from local divisional rivals, the Birmingham Bulls.

Gareth spent four years at the Birmingham Bulls, with his rookie year getting to grips with the sport and learning the position of Wide Receiver. After coaches suggested he might be better suited to the position of defensive back, Gareth switched without hesitation and has never looked back. Three years on, and Garetha��s stats speak for themselves. During the 2016 season he made five interceptions, with one of them coming against the Steelers.


Photo courtesy of: ThreeFiveThree Photography.


When we spoke to Gareth about his transfer this is what he had to say:

a�?Ia��m really happy to be at the Steelers after a long off-season. Everything from the locations to the coaching has been top class since I arrived, and ita��s clear Ia��ve joined a team thata��s heading in the right direction. Ia��m dying to prove myself to my new teammates, and help take the team to the post-season and beyond once more. I wish everyone at the Birmingham Bulls nothing but the best, and I look forward to seeing them on the field this seasona�?.

With the loss of Greg Freeman to retirement and Sam Jeater to relocation, this transfer sees the Steelers add a further talented player to the DB core, and we cana��t wait to see him in action.

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