Steelers Women’s Looking To Change Formats

Steelers Women’s Looking To Change Formats

Since 2015 the womena��s team have been playing competitive 5-a-side tackle football and it hasna��t always been plain sailing. And with a new team, the usual teething problems began to hit us and it took a while for us to find a rhythm.

However this past season, the Womena��s team really settled into the #SteelerFamilia culture and it was our best year yet. The team finished the season with their first ever-winning record.

The teamsa�� goal each year is to improve on the last, however this year, the team have a new aim. The Steelers ladies are trying to reach the 7v7 format of tackle football for Sapphire 2018. The main differences between 7 and 5-a-side football is the addition of more O Line and D Line players, which adds a whole new dimension to the game.

The extra numbers required for 7s has meant a big focus on recruitment of both players and coaches. The Steelers ladies have been fortunate in their relationship with the mena��s team, as their senior players have stepped up to help as positional coaches. The coaches have been working hard over the summer to develop a new 7s playbook which the team cana��t wait to put into practice.

The team are also lucky to have been working with the Portway Lifestyle Centre over the summer, particularly with PT Hayley to take part in football-specific HIIT classes. This meant keeping fit over the off-season and was a great opportunity for recruitment of new players as a soft introduction to the team. Along with this, the Steelersa�� Womena��s have been raising their profile with social media promotion and attending events in the community to help recruit.

With a successful #SteelerSeptember of rookie sessions now done and dusted, the team are delighted with all the fresh faces that have attended and hope to see them sticking around for the season. The ladies team start a�?officiala�� training this weekend and will begin preparing for the Topaz Tournament in November. This tournament is a chance for the team to trial playing 7s against other teams before committing to the change. The ladies have their fingers crossed it all goes well and they can transition to the 7v7 format for #Sapphire2018.

The Women’s programme are always on the look-out for new recruits. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, why not give it a try?

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