Steelers Announce Whizzyfingers As Official Team Photographer

Steelers Announce Whizzyfingers As Official Team Photographer

After a successful 2016 campaign shot by the wonderful Whizzyfingers Photography, we are glad to welcome Andy back to the Steelers family. Andy is well known for shooting pictures of a�?Britballa�� and we are proud to name him the Steelera��s official photographer and as a sponsor.

Photo Courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

Andy, who is a photographer based in the West Midlands started photography when he was 14, way before digital cameras and back in the days of waiting for photos to be developed. Including a love for photography, Andy also writes a blog known as a�?The Final Cuta�? where he discusses many topics ranging from a�?originalitya�� to the a�?NFLa��. During the 2016 NFL international series Andy was invited to many press sessions to photograph the A�including NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

When we spoke to Andy he had this to say: a�?Whata��s my passion? People! I love photographing people. It doesna��t matter what they are doing, people can be unpredictable. The joy of celebrating and the agony of defeat, and the Sandwell Steelers are a perfect example of thisa�?.

Chairman Ant Green mentioned: a�?Andy is an integral member of our Steeler family and the work he provides for us is invaluable. We will always be grateful for the time and effort that he sacrifices for making the Sandwell Steelers look professional, whilst capturing our highs and lows to the benefit of everyone involveda�?.

So if you’re in need of great photography skills, please feel free to contact Whizzyfingers.