Steelers Announce Rileys Wolverhampton As Official Event Sponsor

Steelers Announce Rileys Wolverhampton As Official Event Sponsor

Photo courtesy of: Rileys.

The Sandwell Steelers are pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal with Rileys Wolverhampton. As part of this sponsorship the Sandwell Steelers will be holding and hosting many events atA�Rileys Wolverhampton.

When asked to comment Ben Pearce (Area Manager) said: a�?At Rileys, we always look to support local teams that use our business for social gatherings. Teaming up with the Sandwell Steelers is a great and exciting opportunity. We look forward to welcoming everyone associated with the Sandwell Steelersa�?.

Rileys Wolverhampton is a great place to enjoy live sport, with comfy seats and a 3-metre HD screen in their a�?Fanzonea�?. They offer the very best in top class sports bar entertainment, whether youa��re looking for somewhere to have a few beers with friends, or take part in their annual Superbowl party.

Chairman Ant Green commented: a�?Wea��re very excited to have Rileys come on board as a sponsor for this season. Rileys are a huge supporter of what we do and are very enthusiastic to build a relationship moving forward. We hope that it will become a lasting relationship that can benefit both organisations for years to comea�?.

So please make sure to go on down to Rileys Wolverhampton, and dona��t forget to mention us.