Steelers Announce JabbiDev As Official Website Sponsor

The Sandwell Steelers are proud to announceA�JabbiDev as our official website designer and sponsor for the upcoming 2017 season.A�JabbiDev, founded by our own Clayton Jabbi are one of Birmingham’s best developers.

Photo courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

JabbiDev have not only created the website youa��re currently using, but will be developing and managing it on an on-going basis. By keeping website management internal, the Sandwell Steelers are able to keep costs to a minimum whilst promoting the fantastic skill-set that JabbiDev offers. Claytona��s expertise and skill-set has allowed us to streamline our content delivery process making it easier to keep our content to the premier standard we desire.

Clayton explained: “Getting behind the Sandwell Steelers was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up. The club is growing from strength to strength and doing our part to help the club in getting the exposure it deserves was the least we could do”.

We feel proud being able to see Clayton experience success and Chairman Ant Green said: “As a club we are tying to build a professional culture that transcends everything we do both on and off the field.A�JabbiDev have made that a reality for our online presence and has more than exceeded our expectations! We’re really excited to see how far we can begin to push our digital marketing with the foundation that Clayton has provided us with”.

So if you’re ever in need of any digital marketing expertise, we hope that you will look no further than a fellow Steeler.