Steelers Announce Charity Partnership For 2017

Steelers Announce Charity Partnership For 2017

Buddy Bag Foundation Partnership

The Sandwell Steelers are proud to announce its 2017 season Charity Partner, the Buddy Bag Foundation. The Sandwell Steelers have a rich history of giving back and contributing to causes close to its heart, raising over A?2000 last year for a variety of Sandwell-based charities. The committee has opted to choose season specific partners to facilitate a larger impact in a single area, each year announcing a different charity partner.

Throughout 2017 the Sandwell Steelers will donate 20% of its fundraising activities to the Buddy Bag Foundation, with an ambitious goal of raising A?2,000 for the cause. Fundraising activities will constitute as any funds raised outside of membership fees, corporate sponsorship and funding grants.

The Buddy Bag Foundation

Did you know over 48,000 children require emergency care in the UK every year?

The Buddy Bag Foundation was created in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. Restoring a sense of safety and security into a childa��s life during a traumatic time is one of the first steps to recovery. The BBF provides these children with a few essential items to call their own, a buddy bag, to help make the transition into emergency care a little easier.

Karen Williams, Founder of the Buddy Bag Appeal said: a�?We are delighted that the Sandwell Steelers have agreed to support us this year. It will make a huge difference having a sports club with their team members and supporters on our side – and we are really looking forward to going to watch their games and getting involved in their activities.

a�?The Buddy Bag Appeal has gone from strength to strength since we began in 2015. So far we have provided a backpack filled with essential items that children need straight away, to 6510 children. Our target is to provide a buddy bag to 20,200 children by 2020. It costs A?25 to fill a buddy bag so the money from the Sandwell Steelers means we can provide bags to at least 80 local children.a�?

The Result

The fund raising will culminate in a Buddy Bag Brigade, where members of the club will come together to not only pack the bags purchased through the money raised but then deliver them to local refuges in the Sandwell area.

Steelers ChairmanA�Anthony Green said: a�?The Buddy Bag Appeal is a great cause for the Sandwell Steelers to be involved in, the money we raise will go directly to helping children in our local area who are going through a veryA�difficult time in their lives.”

a�?To kick off the fundraising I will be having all my hair cut off, measuring 22a�? in length! With all money raised going towards the Buddy Bag Foundation, and the hair being donated to the Little Princess Trust.a�?

You can donate directly to the fundraiser here:A�

If you would like to get involved with the Buddy Bag Appeal go