Match Report | Sandwell Steelers v Birmingham Bulls

Match Report | Sandwell Steelers v Birmingham Bulls

The Sandwell Steelers took yet another win from their opponents in their 2017 season. This Sunday the Steelers faced off against cross town foes, the Birmingham Bulls in a #2ndCityDerby and the Steelers put up another 32 unanswered points and confidence within the team is building immensely.

The game started in exciting fashion with Coach Butlers’ offence taking to the field, and with the first snap of the game QB Callum Davidson threw a beautifully weighted pass to rookie WR Joshua Lawrence who danced his way to the end-zone for an 80 Yard Touchdown. (7-0).

Photo Courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

After this exciting start, it was time for the Steelers defence to take to the field with the intent on getting the ball back. The Birmingham Bulls are known as a team for a hard-running game but this weekend they faced an up-hill challenge as they were forced to play without their star running back.

Again the Steelers defence showed their demonstrative toughness with some great tackling and block shedding. Turnovers being a key part Coach Andrew’s philosophy, the defense forced a fumble on the third play of the game. The ball was recovered, but the Steelers offence could not capitalise on the following drive. Even with a boosted confidence, the Steelers Offence was unable to score on any of the remaining drives of the half and it ended 7-0.

Photo courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

With a disappointing first half, Head Coach Ross Barrow took the players into a huddle to make sure that the players were not taking the situation lightly. After the defence had been balling out all game so far, the onus was on the Offence to start taking advantage of the field position that they had been given.

With the Bulls starting the half on offence, the Steelers defence once again applied the pressure and forced the Bulls to punt, and once again in Steelers defensive fashion, the Punt was blocked and recovered on the Bulls 4 yard line. The offence took to the field and decided to run it up the middle. This was successful and the Steelers had their second score of the day. The extra point was unsuccessful (13-0).

Photo courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

After many offensive drives later QB Davidson threw for his sixth TD of the year, with a beautiful ball over the top brought down into the secure basket of WR Joshua Lawrence. With the Steelers having such suffocating defence, this score seemingly took the game out of reach for the Bulls (19-0).

With three scores on the board, and still no defensive score, DC Stuart Andrew once again challenged his players to make a play, and score. After a few drives with those words mulling around in the heads of the defence, DC Andrew’s challenge was answered. DB Pete Roden picked off the ball and ran it all the way to the house for six. On the point after try, HC and Special Teams Coordinator, Ross Barrow saw it fit to go for two but a back corner fade from Davidson feel incomplete (25-0).

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With the game going late into the fourth quarter, the offence of the Bulls were demoralised, and finally with little left in the game DL Shane Green recovered a forced fumble in the Bulls endzone to finally put the game to bed. The extra point on the final score was successful and the game ended (32-0).

After a somewhat disappointing day on Offence HC Ross Barrow had little to say: “Last weeks 71-0 victory against the Jets was certainly impressive, however the Bulls are a team that we’ve played many times before and always rise to the occasion. They must get credit for the way their front 7 played; they seem to have a good defensive schematic that should fare well against other teams in the league. We will now regroup, analyse what’s gone well and look forward to another difficult test against the Leicester Falcons”.

Photo courtesy of: Whizzyfingers Photography.

The Steelers will not be in action this coming weekend, as they have a scheduled bye-week, but they will be back to face the Leicester Falcons on the 7th May, the game will be held at Tipton Sports Academy, with gates open at 13:30 with Kick off at 14:30.

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